About HP Healthcare Services

A Unit of Human Protection And Awareness Organisation

HP Healthcare Services is focused on improving the healthcare experience. We're working hard to offer services that help solve the problems faced by patients, providers and payors as they navigate the healthcare maze. We help our customers worldwide find value by enabling the delivery of better care – more efficiently and at a lower cost.

We Care About Your Health

Our goal is to help create a less fragmented healthcare system, with less waste, by improving connections between payers, providers and consumers. Our services and solutions offer the insights and tools needed by payers, providers and consumers alike to navigate the healthcare maze with agility and speed using an evidence and data-driven approach.

We recognize the complexity of the challenge and have a bias for collaboration and partnerships – we don't think that any single stakeholder can do it alone. We bring together our capabilities and the Global Health Innovation Fund portfolio companies to develop cutting-edge, effective, integrated solutions that help customers reach the final destination – value from the healthcare system. We take great pride in delivering personalized, compassionate, professional care in the comfort of your home.